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Horace (dec.) & Constance Harris
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Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: King, G.W. & Edna

Horace was born in Chicago and grew up with one younger sister. Both parents stressed the importance of getting a good education in order to be competitive in the world, and to have the tools to develop all of their talents. They were encouraged to try new things and to never speak defeat.

Constance was born and grew up in Cleveland, Ohio. She was also given the same type of encouragement by her parents. She was taught how to use the library and the museums of the city, and learned to enjoy them. Constance has three brothers and three sisters. Her childhood was enriched by time spent with her aunt and other family members over the Scrabble board, as well as by intense discussions about a wide range of topics.

Both Horace and Constance are college graduates. Horace was at the University of Wisconsin for his master's degree and law degree during the turbulent years in the late 1960's. He learned early in life that you must stand for something, or you will fall for anything.

They both came to Washington during the early 1970's and took jobs with the Federal Government. Constance was employed by the State Department and traveled widely in French-speaking countries around the world. She and Horace met when her sponsor in this business took her to a covered-dish gathering where Horace was sharing highlights of the business. Years later, a while after his first marriage ended, Horace and Constance began dating. They discovered many mutual interests and goals, laughed often, and ' most importantly ' found a very satisfying friendship.

Because of this business, Horace has been free to spend time with his son, Vincent. There are many benefits to not being tied to a nine-to-nine job schedule. One is the peace of mind to nurture relationships.

None of this would have happened had Horace given in to his boss, who encouraged him to abandon his business in its early stages, and to focus instead on his legal career. Today, Horace and Constance own a business that spans the globe, their time is their own, and their honeymoon is more fun every day! - - - - - We note with sadness the passing of Horace Harris in the spring of 2008. Horace was a wonderful example, both as a man and as a business leader and, despite his untimely passing, continues to inspire others every day.