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|name=Youngjo & Oksoo Han
|name=Youngjo & Oksoo Han
|pin=[[Executive Diamond]]
|pin=[[Executive Diamond]] (2009)

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Youngjo & Oksoo Han
Pin: Executive Diamond (2009)
Markets: Canada


LOS Upline:


When the Hans first saw the Quixtar business, Youngjo was selling textile fabric and Oksoo was an operator of a private Montessori school. Both found their jobs to be stressful and lacking in financial reward.

The Hans immediately saw the Quixtar business opportunity as a way to earn extra income and more control over their hectic schedules. Since starting their business, Oksoo has left her job at the school and both she and Youngjo have discovered rewards beyond the material. Youngjo attributes his more positive attitude and optimistic outlook on life to his Quixtar experience. Oksoo feels that owning a Quixtar business has freed her to spend more time with her family.

The Hans look forward to the potential of their Quixtar business and to helping their downline enjoy similar success.