Hamamoto, Tomoko & Yosuke

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Tomoko & Yosuke Hamamoto
Hamamoto tomoko yosuke.jpg
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador 30 FAA - 1998
Markets: Japan,Hong Kong,Philippines,India,United States


LOS Upline: Saito, Mikiko & Mami & Akinori
Website: www.facebook.com/HamamotoYosuke/
Notes:also Emerald in Hong Kong (2014)

濱本智子 濱本洋輔・ファウンダーズ・クラウン・アンバサダーDD FAA30

One of the world’s most successful IBO from Japan.

Their group in Japan are among one of the largest IBO network organizations in the world.

Yosuke was educated in Hiroshima, Tokyo, Hawaii and Los Angeles.

During his time in Los Angeles acting academy, he was also featured in many commercials in Hollywood.

Former employee of international real estate company.

Started the Amway business and now taking Amway business globally in many different markets.

Also a founding partner of D.D.MAKERS.

FAA 30


Emerald Hongkong

F.Platinum Philippines

F.Platinum India

F.Platinum USA

Global Guest Speaker:

India Successful Seminar Guest Speaker(5 cities、6 stages Total 100,000 people)

Russia Moscow Olympic Stadium Guest Speaker(30,000 people)

Germany Kick Off Guest Speaker (2 stages Total 20,000 people)

Russia Moscow FC Guest Speaker(10,000 people)

Austria Kick Off Guest Speaker (4000 people)

Philippines National Convention Guest Speaker(3000 people)

Italy Kick Off Guest Speaker(2500 people)

Bangkok FD This is it GenY Guest Speaker(1000 people)

India Corporate GenY Guest Speaker(1000 people)

Bangkok DS Guest Speaker(1000 people)

Malaysia FED Guest Speaker(2 days 6000 people)

Brazil National Convention Guest Speaker(2 days 4000 people)

Web: https://www.facebook.com/HamamotoYosuke/