Francis, Greg & Jacquie

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Greg & Jacquie Francis
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Winters, Larry & Pam


Greg saw the Quixtar business as an alternative to spending the next 30-50 years of his life sitting in a cubicle. He wanted to have control over his work and his time, and to earn enough income so that he would not have to worry about finances. Greg was already in the business when Jacquie met him, and she was excited to find someone who wanted more out of life.

In addition to meeting their financial goals, Greg and Jacquie have found one of the biggest benefits of the Quixtar business to be the support available. The mentorship of their upline and the business support materials available through their organization has been critical to their success.

With Quixtar's unlimited potential and support, Greg and Jacquie encourage everyone interested in the business to believe in it and try it. Qualified at the Emerald level in 2005, Diamond in 2007, and Founders Diamond in 2010.