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Foo Howe Kean & Shu Chen
Foo howe kean.jpg
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador - 2006
Markets: Malaysia, Taiwan, Thailand, Indonesia, Phillipines


LOS Upline: De Silva, Gerald & Angela
Notes:First Crown Ambassadors in 3 separate markets. Founder of Crador

Foo Howe Kean started his Amway business in Malaysia in 1978. He went Platinum that year, Pearl in 1979, Emerald and Diamond in 1980, Executive Diamond in 1983, Double Diamond in 1992, Triple Diamond in 1995 and Crown Direct and Crown Ambassador within the same month in 2000. He recently achieved Founders Crown Ambassador in 2006.

When Amway Taiwan opened in 1982, he started his second business there. He went Platinum, Ruby and Pearl in 1983, Emerald and Diamond in 1984, EDC in 1985, Double Diamond in 1986, Triple Diamond in 1993, Crown in 1999 and Crown Ambassador in 2001.

Currently, he is also Crown Ambassador in China and Double Diamond in Thailand , Emerald in Indonesia and Pearl in the Philippines.

He is the first person to be become a Crown Ambassador in 3 different Market in the world of Amway. His IBO downline has over 800 Diamonds and more than 10 Crown Ambassadors.

Success Story

An International Amway Business

When Crown Ambassador Foo Howe Kean first graduated from university, he wanted to own a business. He soon discovered that without capital, experience or guidance the odds were against him. In 1978, he joined Amway because it offered an interesting business opportunity, but he did little with the opportunity. This changed when his upline Triple Diamond Direct Distributor Gerald De Silva, who was also the President of the Malaysian Dentist Association at that time, was introduced to him. Gerald saw potential and business acumen in Foo. He also showed Foo the vision of Amway’s future business. Foo was determined to lay down the solid foundation for an expanding international business that would spread across the Asia Pacific region.

The pioneering leadership of Triple Diamond Direct Distributors Gerald & Angela De Silva’s practice of the highest standard of integrity and strict adherence to the code of ethics and rules of conduct, formed the best fundamental training for the great future leader of Amway. Incidentally, an American Direct Distributor, Sharon Wagner had inspired Foo and Distributor leaders to conduct meetings with a more professional approach.

In less than 3 years after the first meeting with Triple Diamond Direct Distributor Gerald & Angela De Silva, Foo Howe Kean qualified as a Diamond Direct Distributor in 1980 and as an Executive Diamond Direct Distributor in 1983.

When Amway Taiwan was established in 1982, Foo started his second business there. And within, two years he qualified as a Diamond Direct Distributor in Taiwan. He also ventured into China when it was opened in 1995. He has since established a multi-national enterprise. He is a Crown Ambassador Direct Distributor in Amway Malaysia, a Crown Ambassador Direct Distributor in Amway Taiwan, a Crown Ambassador Direct Distributor in Amway China, a Double Diamond Direct Distributor in Amway Thailand, and a Pearl Direct Distributor in Amway Philippines.....


Although Crown Ambassador Foo Howe Kean has been in the Amway business for over 29 years, he is still very enthusiastic. He sees that Amway has 3 major advantages:

Product advantage:

Many of the Amway's products are well received by consumers all over the world. The ‘Nutrition & Wellness’ and ‘Beauty’ markets have strong growth potential. From these trends we can see that Amway has a bright future.

Market advantage:

Dot com companies are having a hard time now because they lack an effective distribution, plus strong one-to-one customer relations is able to have that personal touch with customers. It is a company that is trustworthy and reliable, and one which is totally committed to the Distributor partnership.

Human resource advantage:

The human resource is the most important factor in any enterprise. The Amway business provides unlimited space for people to grow, therefore it is able to attract people who want to have their own business. The average business entity is rife with politics, and having good paper qualification is often a prerequisite to get ahead. In Amway, what you were in the past is not as important as where you want to go in the future. Through training, new Distributors not only learn about products, but develop good ethics and leadership skills. It is all about helping them discover their own potential and empowering them to grow on their own.

‘History is created by men’. Foo hopes to inspire other people through the Amway opportunity to help them build their self-esteem, their potential and to realize their dreams. In the dawn of this new millennium, there are still many new markets. Foo encourages, ‘We write our own history. Amway business has opportunity unlimited’.,,,,