Flanary, Bruce & Betty

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Flanary, Bruce & Betty
Bruce & Betty Flanary.gif
Pin: Diamond (1981)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Strachan, Jack & Maureen


  • January 1976


Success Story

In January 1976, I was teaching math at the high school, coaching, and driving a school bus. My wife, Betty, was teaching at the elementary school.

That's when we saw a sales and marketing plan. Our business got off to a slow start the first 10 months. We had very little commitment until we saw the freedom that was possible through this business. We saw slides of another school teacher's retirement from teaching, and our lives have not been the same since that night.

Teaching and supplemental jobs in the summer had not provided for us what we wanted out of life. We knew we had no other choice but to build our business. In April of 1977, we started qualification for Platinum, and went Ruby in June.

After going on a church campaign to Scotland in August 1978, where we introduced this business to a minister and his wife (Jack and Maureen Strachan, now Britt Diamonds in Europe), we reached the Sapphire level that October. Emerald came in March 1980, and Diamond in August 1981.

The financial rewards have been tremendous. Our family's Diamond goal was an Olympic-size swimming pool, which we enjoy today. The cars, furs, jewellery, travel, and lifestyle could never have been ours through teaching. We found, by building our own business, our dreams were expanded. We began to dream of things other than financial rewards. We wanted to see others realize their dreams.

Having our personal and financial freedom has been a tremendous reward. Being able to know and share in the lives of our children, Michele, Nicole, and Brett, has been one of our greatest rewards. We want them exposed to the type of people who build this business and set the example for all of us.