Duncan, Greg & Laurie

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Greg & Laurie Duncan
Pin: Triple Diamond
Markets: North America


LOS Upline: Woodhead, Terry & Fran
Website: http://gduncan.wwdb.biz
Notes:Greg was instrumental in Quixtar partnering with XS.

Greg & Laurie Duncan were the first of the Duncan family to start in Amway in 1981. Greg was a medical student and Laurie was a dental hygienist prior to starting in the business. They qualified Direct with 3 legs in 1981, Emerald in 1983, Diamond in 1985, and Double Diamond in 1992. Greg was the 2006 Chairman of the IBOAI Executive Committee. Laurie was the 2006 Chairman of the IBOAI Marketing Advisory Committee.

Greg's frontline Diamonds are (in order of qualification):

Greg is known throughout WWDB and BWW for his popular prospecting CDs Private Franchising in a .Com World and Private Franchising in a High-Tech, High-Touch World.