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(Downline Diamonds)
(Downline Diamonds)
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****[[Grosvenor, David & Angelique]], [[Diamond]], [[United States]], [[WWDB]]
****[[Grosvenor, David & Angelique]], [[Diamond]], [[United States]], [[WWDB]]
****[[Harimoto, Scott & Cris]], [[Diamond]], [[United States]], [[WWDB]]
****[[Harimoto, Scott & Cris]], [[Diamond]], [[United States]], [[WWDB]]
**[[Wagner, Michael & Brandie]], [[Emerald]], [[Canada]], [[WWDB]]
****[[Wagner, Michael & Brandie]], [[Emerald]], [[Canada]], [[WWDB]]
***[[Whalen, Dean & Marcie]], [[Diamond]], [[Canada]], [[WWDB]]
*****[[Whalen, Dean & Marcie]], [[Diamond]], [[Canada]], [[WWDB]]
****[[Barrows, Jayson & Christine]], [[Emerald]], [[Canada]], [[WWDB]]
******[[Barrows, Jayson & Christine]], [[Emerald]], [[Canada]], [[WWDB]]
***[[Dyck, Laird & Alicia]], [[Emerald]], [[Canada]], [[WWDB]]
*****[[Dyck, Laird & Alicia]], [[Emerald]], [[Canada]], [[WWDB]]

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Greg & Laurie Duncan
Pin: Triple Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Terry & Fran Woodhead
Website: http://gduncan.wwdb.biz
Notes:Greg was instrumental in Quixtar partnering with XS.


Greg & Laurie Duncan were the first of the Duncan family to start in Amway in 1981. Greg was a medical student and Laurie was a dental hygienist prior to starting in the business. They qualified Direct with 3 legs in 1981, Emerald in 1983, Diamond in 1985, Double Diamond in 1992, and Triple Diamond in 1998. Greg was the 2006 Chairman of the IBOAI Executive Committee and Laurie was the 2006 Chairman of the IBOAI Marketing Advisory Committee.

Downline Diamonds

Greg's frontline Diamonds are :

Greg is known throughout WWDB and BWW for his popular prospecting CDs Private Franchising in a .Com World and Private Franchising in a High-Tech, High-Touch World.

Success story

A Life on Our Terms

Greg and Laurie started their business during Greg’s last year of medical school. Laurie was working as a dental hygienist, but they had visions of a greater purpose: “The real appeal of being Independent Business Owners was the opportunity it offered for freedom—a life on our terms, not one dictated by unbending schedules and impersonal routines.” “People are so consumed with making a living that they don’t have time to make a life,” exclaims Laurie.

Greg looked at his goals in life: “We were looking for a way to achieve a truly free and independent lifestyle. A doctor’s time is never his own. I imagined my career in medicine would have meant working up to 100 hours per week just to finally get out of debt, only to then die of stress and exhaustion.”

No Regrets

Despite strong peer pressure and the misgivings of many close friends, the Duncans elected to trade the demands of medicine for a business of their own. Three years after leaving the medical profession, Greg and Laurie had developed financial freedom, and six years had become Double Diamonds with no regrets: “Today, a great thrill for us is to see so many others reach their goals and dreams. We have been able to touch more lives in more meaningful ways than we believe we ever could have done in a fast-paced medical practice.”

Sweet Home Montana

Several years ago, the family of four moved from the Seattle area to their beloved Montana. Their rustic, alpine home, Dayspring Lodge, sits on the southern shore of a secluded lake, with fish rising and eagles soaring in the background. Tamarack and birch trees sway in the breeze as Greg and Laurie take in the stunning view from a ski area on one of the several surrounding mountain ranges.

Enjoying Life and Family

Most valued is having time to enjoy life with family. “We have a son and a daughter who are able to grow up knowing their father as well as their mother,” says Laurie. “This business allows us to define our lives by our family, not by our income,” comments Greg.

Educational Avenues

The added blessing of two full-time private teachers allowed the family to pursue exciting and unusual educational avenues. One of their several lake homes served as “Dayspring Academy.” All the core subjects were covered, but it was the methods by which they learned that departed from the norm.

Learning Spanish for five weeks in a Costa Rican language immersion school one spring was followed the next year by five weeks in a French language immersion course at multiple locations throughout France. The adventure through Europe included clambering around an ancient Roman aqueduct, visiting a super-yacht exhibition in Nice, ascending peaks around Mont Blanc in the French Alps, and attending the opening of the World’s Fair in Lisbon, Portugal.

To bolster their understanding of American frontier history, they read about Custer’s Last Stand, and then attended a vivid re-enactment of it at the actual historic site on the Little Bighorn. To enliven Devin and Whitney’s study of Shakespeare, the children and their parents traveled annually to a Shakespeare festival in Oregon.

History and geography came alive when the classroom moved between Boston, Virginia, Washington D.C., London, Paris, and many more exciting places. Real life application of learning still occurs today as Devin and Whitney incorporate internships and foreign immersion programs into their university experience.

Freedom & Fulfillment

“It’s a great life!” agree the Duncans. “We know that anyone can experience the same freedom and fulfillment that we have found through this business. If you stay focused this business offers a truly wonderful opportunity. No other business has such a forgiving atmosphere. Success in any endeavor will never occur unless one is first willing to fail many times. We are certainly not perfect, but we never gave up. If you just won’t quit, then success in this business is just a matter of time.”