Duncan, David & Darlene

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David & Darlene Duncan
Pin: Founders Diamond
Markets: US


LOS Upline: Brad & Julie Duncan
Website: http://dduncan.wwdb.biz


David & Darlene Duncan are the parents of Triple Diamond Greg Duncan and Crown Brad Duncan. Dave owned a construction business prior to Amway. They are the third couple in the Duncan family to go Diamond, qualifying Emerald in 1985, Diamond in 1990, and Founders Diamond in 2003.

Unfortunately David Duncan has passed away.


They have one frontline Diamond, 2009 Founders Diamond Bob & Shelly Kummer and one frontline Emerald, 1994 Emerald Dean & Kay Spiegelberg.

Also in Dave & Darlene's business is their youngest son Dru. He was a qualified Platinum at one point, but has since fallen out of qualification. Dru Duncan is the only member of the family to have never qualified for a major pin.