De Souza Fabio & Sheyla

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Fábio & Sheyla de Souza Neto
Souzaneto fabio1.jpg
Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: Brazil, Colombia


LOS Upline: Tim Foley

They became Distributors in 1991, when Amway went to Brazil. "I said to Fabio who wanted to do business," Sheyla said. "If it did not work, we would have learned a lot, but that our lives could change dramatically as they did."Fabio was advisor to the president of a major Bank. Sheyla was a teacher of Portuguese and English, but wanted on a larger scale, to encourage people to improve life. She saw the Amway business the perfect opportunity to realize this dream. Fabio wanted more time, better quality of life and security for the family.

They were sponsored by a U.S. friend, Clarke Hamlet, who told them that Amway was coming to the country but it was Tim Foley, a large international leadership, who convinced Fabio the huge possibilities ahead. Thereafter, the synergy between intuition and enthusiasm of Sheyla and strategic thinking and determination Fabio led the couple to take off as Distributors of success. Currently they have Amway business in Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Colombia, Japan, Italy, USA and Germany. With a good part of the dreams already made, they now work on targets more personal and comprehensive. It remains, of course, the great commitment to the development of those who believed in them and are in the business, among these people, his daughter Flavia, and Laura, mother of Sheyla, Emerald.

"Like Diamonds, and at any level, we must always be growing. Our work has much to do with the degree of success you want, with the encouragement of people and to duplicating. Our business is housed within a world trend globalization, knowledge society, elimination of intermediaries, virtualization, information. We had this vision when we started, but things were not so handy. Today, the computer is a tool, we communicate by email with our network make purchases over the Internet through this home page from Amway. The most fun comes now, "believe enthusiastically.