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The following well-known Companies, Organisations and Individuals have been publicly critical of the Amway/Quixtar companies, products, or business model.

see also Endorsements


  • Dateline NBC


Uses real name

Scott Larsen

Robert Fitzpatrick

(anti-mlmer - Pyramid Scheme Alert)

Jon Taylor

(anti-mlmer - MLM-thetruth)

  • Dean Van Druff
  • Matthew Poulsen
  • Rick Ross
  • Steve Hassan
  • Eric Janssen
  • Lindsay Mack
  • Debra Masselink
  • Eric Scheibeler
  • Bo Short
  • Sidney Schwartz
  • Rick Ross (cult stuff)
  • David Brear (UK, about to publish a book, or so he claims)
  • Imran Azziz (Qblog plus QuixtarSucks blog)
  • Russel Glasser (perils of amway)
  • Dave Touretsky (old)

Uses Pseudonym

  • JoeCool
  • Amthrax
  • Pokerpooner (I found he has an anti-amway group on Yahoo Canada)
  • Rocket
  • Quixtarisacult
  • Mevi
  • paine_wwweb_r
  • Truth
  • ozamwayvictims