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Started by Amway Malaysia Crown Ambassador Foo Howe Kean, Crador is one of the strongest Amway groups in the country. Crador philosophy states that all humans are unique and special, so sub-groups such as J&J proliferate under the Crador umbrella. Although these sub-groups operate independently, they do come together annually for a family reunion.

Crador International was founder by Founders Crown Ambassadors Foo Howe Kean & Shu Chen and Crown Ambassador Chan Koon Tin & Chai Foong。 Today, Crador International has already expanded to many countries. In Nov 2006, Crador international having 1 rally in Thailand with more than 15k 21% above and more than 30k 12% above members attended. They have setting 1 goal in the rally that, in 2008, Crador International will have 500 new diamonds and will celebrate in Malaysia. In the same time, Crador internatioanl will celebrate 30 years anniversarry together in the rally.