Cole, Richard & Louise

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Richard & Louise Cole
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Britt, Bill & Peggy

Louise Cole went diamond in the early 80's as a single (nee Louise Williams); got married (Paul & Louise Phillips), then divorced. She has since remarried now known as Richard & Louise Cole. The Cole's were BWW Diamonds in the Mike & Eileen Limburg (Britt's frontline Emerald inactive) organisation. They are now Part of LTD.Louise Cole's immediate upline diamond is Bill Britt. She has several diamonds and 1 EDC within her organisation.

Bill Britt always jokes that he got two (diamond) legs for the price of one. Both the Miller and Cole organisations came from the same prospect who has since quit.

One of their more famous downline's is Founders Emerald Lee Kessler who was a Hollywood actress for many years.