Chamberlain, Ian & Yvonne

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Ian & Yvonne Chamberlain
Pin: Diamond
Markets: Australia


LOS Upline: Douglas, Brice & Ruth

Ian and Yvonne were working very hard in multiple jobs just to pay the bills over 30 years ago. “We were working nine jobs between us and it still wasn’t enough!” says Yvonne. They had three small children and could only hope this business would work. There wasn’t a pattern or a support system when they got started as the business was new in Australia. This meant that even though they were able to develop a good income, they still felt like they were self-employed rather than being business owners.

“The system created an environment that allowed us to grow as people. We learned that you could take control of your thoughts and design your own future. It gave us an environment where we could associate with other successful people, become free ourselves and help others to do the same” says Yvonne. “Today we get an incredible sense of satisfaction knowing that we have an opportunity to share – a way for others to identify their possibilities and to succeed. We love being able to recommend an environment for growth, challenge, huge personal rewards and the unlimited potential for everyone to achieve their dreams”. Ian adds, “I guess it is the sense of knowing that you can play a part in helping others to achieve. There is truly a great sense of fulfilment in helping others”.

Ian and Yvonne see that this business opportunity has never been as big as it is today. “Today’s youth have such an opportunity to make a difference in the world with this business’s unique combination of products, coaching, mentoring, proven training system, and use of modern communications technology”, say Yvonne. Ian adds, “The potential of this business is far greater than anything that has yet been achieved. It is easier to build this business today than ever before”.