Bundy, Mike & Susan

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Mike & Susan Bundy
Mike & Susan Bundy.jpg
Pin: Founders Diamond (2006)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Winters, Larry & Pam

Eight steps to a dream come true! We just didn't quit, and the LTD support system gave us the foundation we needed to succeed. The struggles, the overcoming, the self-growth… all seem to pale in comparison to the thrill of having Larry and Pam Winters – our heroes – raising our hands on the FED stage. Just do it!

Larry & Pam Winters, Executive Diamond Council: One of the most exciting experiences of our life was being introduced on a FED stage as new Diamonds. The next best thing is being blessed to see your downline introduced as Diamonds. It's not the same as when someone succeeds at a job. With LTD, it is more like a family, and you may have had a small part in helping someone achieve their success.

We are so proud of Mike and Susan. They refused to give up on their dreams. They give so many people hope, that no matter how long it takes, dreams can still come true!


Downline Diamond