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Merih & Nilüfer Bölükbaşi
Pin: Triple Diamond (2015)
Markets: Turkey


LOS Upline: Nardone, Angelo & Claudia

The BOLUKBASI couple initiated their career with Amway in July 1994. The business the two agreed upon would have to be based upon certain criteria: “low venture and working capital, low risk, based on human relations”. They started looking for the ideal business which meets these criteria. Although it involved a business model they had not heard of until then, it overlapped with almost all of the criteria they had set.

Merih BOLUKBASI pipes up saying, “We had to make good use of this opportunity, as it involved a brilliant career option, ongoing income, perfect lifestyle and assurance for the future. What we were to do was to set up our own network of entrepreneurs and distributors based on the business model proposed by the firm we partnered with and gain income proportionate to our contributions to distribution of their products. We decided that we could do it and so we started,” he adds.

Nilüfer BOLUKBASI expresses her sentiments as follows: “At this point in time, when we look back at where we started from, I say that we were very fortunate to start this business and do whatever it took to work it through. At the beginning, we were told that Amway was the best Direct Sales firm in the whole world. Over the twenty years we’ve been in the business, we saw several firms that entered the market claiming they are better than Amway and would make their distributors gain more money, but only to let people down. As of today, Amway is still the best of the world in its sector and the one whose business owners earn the most.”

As a member of the company’s European Diamond Advisory Council, Merih BOLUKBASI speaks as follows: “I observe how much the company esteems us business owners and business partners on every platform. Once President Doug DeVos had said, “Let’s talk about our 50 years of business partnership to come”, at a Council meeting. Shaping of the company’s vision for the future with the mindset of partnership couldn’t be more clearly put into words! The business mindset of “win-win” is laid in the foundation of the company and encrypted in its DNA.”

The BOLUKBASIs couldn’t have known that the decision they took that very day would add so much meaning to their lives and the lives of their numerous teammates, and change them so positively. All they knew was that their business would grow if they invest in and improve themselves and their teammates. The seed of hard work planted over twenty years brought about continued success to their organization. At this point, Merih BOLUKBASI touches upon an important point: “Your greatest strength in inspiring your vision into your team is your team’s faith and confidence in you. Lasting success is built solely upon principles, integrity and trust.”

Nilüfer BOLUKBASI expresses her feelings as follows: “This business is the best business of the world! What can be better than seeing thousands of people affectionately applauding for your success; thousands of people feeling grateful for you and knowing and letting you feel that they are aware of your contributions to their lives… In this business, you contribute to thousands of people’s realization of their potentials and to improvement of their lives. As we climbed the stairway to success, we understood and lived through this remark of our legendary upline: ‘The real richness is measured by the number of people whose lives flourish because of you.’ Therefore, we are grateful to the founders of this company who initiated this business model and our sponsors who continuously encourage us.”


Triple Diamond August 2015

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