Blanchard, Andre & Francoise

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The Blanchard's are Crown's based in Montreal Canada. They were one of the fastest North American IBO's to go into Diamond qualification. The Blanchards registered in Jan 67, went Direct by june of 67. October 67 they went into Diamond qualification and finished qualification in April 68 (16 months). They broke a a slew of frontline silvers and went Crown in March 1980. In 1980, a Crown need only be a Diamond with an additional 14 frontline silvers. Today a Crown IBO requires 18 platinums or 22 FAA points.

This was at a time when the Amway literature was only in English & the Blanchard's spoke French only. Andre also only had an elementary school education. Today he is fluent in English and can speak Spanish, Italian and Portugese.

There was no system for the Blanchard's back when they were building the business, They have since plugged in with the BWW organization and their CDs are reportedly still sold today, however as of 2006 they are no longer listed on the website.

Their upline Triple Diamond based on LOS is Bill and Jan Campbell.