Barry Chi & Holly Chen

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Barry Chi & Holly Chen
Barry Chi Holly Chen.jpg
Pin: Double Crown Ambassador (2003), Founders Crown Ambassador 70 FAA (2009)
Markets: Taiwan, China, Malaysia, Hong Kong, United States, New Zealand

The Plum Blossom

LOS Upline:

The Chi's are the second Double Crown Ambassadors in the world. They started their business in Taiwan in 1982 and went Direct, Ruby and Pearl in 1984; Emerald in 1985; Diamond in 1986, EDC in 1990; Double Diamond in 1991; Triple Diamond, Crown and Crown Ambassador in 1992. They went Ultimate Crown Ambassador in 1993 and in 1995 they achieved Q12 Crown Ambassador and also in 1999 they achieved FDSA with 40 FAA. In 2003, they became Double Crown Ambassadors with 47 Platinum legs and in 2004 they reached 45 FAA, in 2007 they reached 60 FAA. At the end of fiscal year 2008 they had the most FAA points: 64.25. In the 2009, they achieved FAA 70 - the first in the world.

In the United States they were recognized as new Silvers in July 1995 issue of Amagram, new Founders Direct (Feb 1998 issue), and Emerald (Sept/Oct 2001 issue). They qualified Diamond in 2002, Executive Diamond in 2005, Double Diamond and Triple Diamond in 2007, Crown in 2008, and Crown Ambassador in 2009.

In 2003 they become Founders Crown Ambassador in China.

They also qualified Platinum in Philippines (2007), Russia (Dec 2005)and in New Zealand (2009).

Their son Liu Te Pei started his business in 1991. He went Diamond in 2000 and EDC in 2004 and Double Diamond 2008 in Hong Kong. As of 2007, he qualified Emerald in the United States. He is also a Triple Diamond in China.

They have over 20 Crown Ambassadors and over 2000 Diamonds in their organization.

They are founding members of the TOP4 group of international organisations.