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{{Infobox Person|
{{Infobox Person|
|image= [[File:Toby & Mia Ayers.jpg]]
|name=Toby & Mia Ayers
|name=Toby & Mia Ayers

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Toby & Mia Ayers
Toby & Mia Ayers.jpg
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Ayers, Gary & Nancy

"In the next couple years, we hope to see and experience some of the fastest growth Amway Global has ever undergone in North America,” says Toby Ayers. “And we’re right in the middle of it thanks to superior products and leadership.”

A second-generation IBO (his parents are Diamonds), Toby and his wife Mia recently left their careers (his in business development, hers in clothing design) to sell more and mentor “the next generation of entrepreneurs.”

Ninety percent of their team is age 28 and younger and includes many people who, like Toby, see this as a long-term business career and appreciate the opportunities it can afford.

Mia sees “this business as the ultimate platform for touching people’s lives.” Not only does she enjoy “creating shared experiences” with their team, “I love being able to decide how to spend each day with our little girls, Grace and Faith,” she says.

Having worked in fashion, she also appreciates the quality of the Artistry® skin care and cosmetics line. “We have the best of the best.”

Toby and Mia credit “the friendship and mentorship” of their Double Diamond mentors for “making all the difference” in their success so far.

“They’re amazing people who promote agenda-free, servant leadership,” he says. “If you model that from the beginning, it’ll be duplicated downline and create an incredible growing atmosphere.”