Ayers, Gary & Nancy

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Gary & Nancy Ayers
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Perkins, John & Karen

The Ayers were school teachers prior to starting their Amway business. Through their business ventures, both walked away from their jobs while in their late 20s. Currently the Ayers family resides in Orlando, Florida. Toby Ayers is now married to Mia and they have two children and recently qualified Diamonds. Chris & Connie Leesburg qualified direct in 95 and Ruby in 2003?.

Gary & Nancy were at-first part of another LOA, somewhere within the Yager line of sponsorship. Publicly their reason for the split was due to upline abuses. They transferred to BWW many years ago before they went Emerald. They have since transferred to the LTD organization and acknowledge Larry Winters as their upline Diamond. In September 2009, they re-qualified as Diamonds.