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Amway Taiwan
Local Name: Amway Taiwan
Launch: November, 1982
Est. # IBOs: 250,000 (2006)[1] 23,000 (active) 2004[2]
Est. Sales: $NT6.6billion (2005)[3]
Est. population: unknown

Established in November 1982, Amway Taiwan Company Limited is one of the leading direct selling corporations in Taiwan, consistently offering opportunities to the Taiwan people through its islandwide network of nearly 250,000 distributors[1]. Annual sales of Amway Taiwan reached NT$ 6.6 billion for the fiscal year ending August 31, 2005.[1][3]

Amway Taiwan is located in Taipei with a Logistics Center in Taoyuan, and four Service Centers in Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung, and Taipei.

Sales Data

Known Sales Data
Year Wholesale Sales (NT)
1998 4,450,000,000[4]
1999 3,890,000,000[4]
2002 4,500,000,000[5]
2004 5,173,000,000[6]
2005 6,570,000,000[3]



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Partner Stores and Affiliates



  • In conjunction with the Ministry of Education (MoE), Amway Taiwan Ltd. (ATL) organized a road show that included 100 elementary and high schools to show the movie “Jump Boys!” in September 2005. According to the media, this program was the largest single campaign for children in the market in over a three month period. The movie is about seven young boys developing their gymnastic skills and ultimately winning gold medals after a year of hard work and dedication. The boys are coached by two young men who ensure that their potential is fully realized, one of whom is an Amway distributor sponsored by his mother.[7]
  • Through the Hopemaker project, Amway Taiwan partners with Li-Ta Basic Training Center and Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation to produce holiday gift sets that are sold to benefit the charities.[7][8]

How Amway helps

  • A matching fund was created by distributors and the company to support the Jump Boys road show under the banner of One by One. Over $61,100 USD was generated in the first 30 days. ATL also arranged outdoor showings for distributors and the general public in three major cities along the road show.[7]
  • Mentally retarded children from Li-Ta and burn rehabilitation patients from Sunshine help to sew and pack the Hopemaker gift sets. These disadvantaged children are well-paid in the cooperative program funded by Amway Taiwan, giving them a rare opportunity to learn new skills for which they can earn a fair wage, and most important, the opportunity to be self-sufficient.[7]


  • “Jump Boys” is a great way to illustrate the power of positive thinking and encourages children to work toward their dreams.[7]
  • The Hopemaker project sold 20,000 gift sets with proceeds benefiting Li-Ta Basic Training Center and Sunshine Social Welfare Foundation[7]
  • Amway Taiwan provided 59 children with rare diseases scholarships funded jointly by Crown Ambassador Foo Howe Kean and Amway Taiwan.[7]


Amway Taiwan has been a long-time supporter of Women's 9-ball and was sponsor of the 2007 Amway WPA World Women's 9-ball Championship[9]

Recognition & Awards

Amway Taiwan has been awarded numerous honors by various institutes and organizations, including "The Prize of the Best Business" by the ROC Chamber of Commerce in 1998, "The Best Business of Issuing Invoices" in 1996 by the Ministry of Finance of the ROC, e-Value top 100, and "No.2 of Operation Efficiency in Taiwan Service Industry" in 1993 by the Taiwan Economics Academy. In addition, Amway Taiwan has been highly ranked several times by important financial journals in Taiwan.[3]

The film “Jump Boys” won two Golden Horse Awards in 2005.[7]

Controversies & Disputes

In 2003, Amway Taiwan was accused of violating Fair Trade Law by deliberately concealing the positive information regarding products manufactured by De Paree Corporation in a manner that could mislead consumers sufficient to damage De Paree's business reputation. Amway was found not guilty.[5]


A non-exhaustive list of Diamond and above qualifiers in Taiwan

Founders Crown Ambassador

Barry Chi & Holly Chen - 50 FAA also Double Crown Amassador
Lei, Mark & Peggy - 40 FAA

Crown Ambassador

Foo Howe Kean & Shu Chen - 2001
Chen Tsai Lung & Yang Yueh Hwa - 1995
Chin Nai Kang & Wang Shu Chen - 1994
Hsieh, Sunny Hsu & Debra - 1993
Tu Yung Sung & Hwang Yu Yan - 2001

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