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Amway Hong Kong

Pioneer in Direct Selling

As the industry leader, Amway successfully builds up the corporate image by providing comprehensive business plan and high-quality products. In order to raise the professional image of direct selling business and the awareness of industry ethics, Amway advocated the establishment of the Direct Selling Association of Hong Kong. The Direct Selling Association of Hong Kong was established in 1979. As one of the founding members, Amway dedicates to maintain a high standard of business ethics. Several General Managers of Amway Hong Kong have served as Presidents of the Association. Through different events such as seminars, symposiums and exhibitions, it promotes the local direct selling industry and raises the professional image of the industry.

Recognition of Corporate Image

Amway believes that the prestige of a corporation is built over time. The company has successfully built its reputation and gained the trust of the Hong Kong people by providing excellent products and services for the past 35 years. According to a June 2009 survey by Synovate, conducted among Hong Kong people aged 15 to 64 who have no Amway connections, Amway is the most well-known and most reputable direct selling company.

  • Based on a Euromonitor study published in 2003, Amway Hong Kong was proclaimed the Leading Direct Selling Operator in Hong Kong in 2001

Sales Data

Year Wholesale Sales (USD) Conversion rate per USD # of distributors
1993 59.6 million 63,000
1994 61.6 million 67,000
1995 51.578 million 58,000
1996 38.451 million 52,000
1997 34.435 million 45,000
1998 31.4 million 7.74 42,000
1999 25.5 million 7.75 38,000

Data include Macau

Awards and Recognitions


Crown Ambassador

Fu, Clement & Anita

Triple Diamond

Li, Arthur & Juni
Ng, Daniel & Theresa

Double Diamond

Choy, Jackson & Dorothy
Liu Te Pei & Jin Mei
Lo, Paul & Paula
Lucia, Chu
Ng, Anman & Gigi (2004)
Yu Seng Kwong & Wai Ying
Yung, Tony & Elaine (2007)

Executive Diamond

Lam, Edison & Sawin (1999)
Chan Boe & Jolly Tsang
Chan William & Fanny
Ng Bill & Mabel
Chan Hillman & Rosalind
Yuen Tony & Lily
Cheong Pui-kuong & Joanna (2005)
Li Yat-hong & Choi Ling-por (2008)

Founders Diamond

Chan, Hin Tong & Regina


Bong & Quintina 李文邦.梁靜文 (2011)
Chan, Ellina (2007)
Cheng, Simon & Hu Ginghua
Cheung, Kai Ming & Judy
Chu, John & Betty
Chu, Simon & Linda
Fu, Chen Chien & So Hok
Fung, Ho Ling (2006)
Hoi Ngai Loon & Ngai Ching
Hui, Hok Keung & Maria
Lam, Bong Fai & Canny
Lai, Benny & Cora (2007)
Lau, Bosco & Cecilia
Lau, Judy
Lee, Tom & Noven
Leung, Kwok Pui & Yu Wa
Li, Roger & Elaine
Li, Wing & Monica
Liu, Wingi (2008)
Pun, Cham Hung & Joanna
Tang, (Anthony) & Mabel
Tang, Kelly
To, Yam Yiu & Pui Chu
Tsui, Jensen & Winnie
Wan, Stephen & Irene
Wong, Annabella (2005)
Wong, Beany
Spark Lam & Wai-yee (2005)
Tse Yan Enosh (2009)
Ying, Lam (2008)