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Amway Denmark
Local Name: Amway Danmark
Launch: July, 1999
Est. # IBOs: 5,000 (2006)[1]
Est. Sales: 40,900,000 DKK (2006)[1]
Est. population: unknown
Note: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Finland operate as one market

Amway Denmark (Amway Danmark) began operations as part of the Amway Scandinavia affiliate in July 1999 with 13 products. The company now markets over 450 different Amway manufactured products as well as hundreds of products from partner stores, ranging from computers and candles to wine.

Known Sales Data
Year Wholesale Sales (DKK)
2006 40,900,000[1]



ArtistryNutriwayBoutiqueEddie FunkhouserSA8LOCSatiniqueiCookeSpringBody SeriesGlister

Partner Stores and Affiliates




Bang, Elsa 2005

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