Amway Colombia

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Amway Colombia
Local Name: Amway Colombia
Launch: August 1, 1996
Est. # IBOs: 80.000
Est. Sales: US$50,000,000 (2008)
Est. population: unknown
Note: Amway Latin America markets merged September 1, 2007


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  • Promoting free enterprise through Junior Achievement’s Fundación Colombia Emprendedora, an organization that implements economic and managerial education programs to help school age children and teenagers develop an entrepreneurial spirit with ethical values and social responsibility.
  • Corazón, Esperanza y Amor Foundation provides shelter, education, food and psychological support to more than 20 children exposed to violent environments. The foundation takes the children in before they become criminals or drug addicts and rehabilitates them so that they can be productive members of the community.[1]



Foley, Tim (2009)

Double Diamond

Lara, Mauricio & Gonzalez, Alba Luz (2010)
Bobadilla, José de Jesús (2011)

Founders Executive Diamond

Mora, Edgar & Lucy (2010)

Executive Diamond

Carlos Eduardo Castellanos & Claudia Santos (2009)
Castellanos, Hugo & Maria del Pilar
Santos, Claudia
Yager, Dexter & Birdie

Founders Diamond

Correa, Rodrigo & Gloria (2009)
Medina, Liliana & Jairo
Torres, Alberto & Conchita
Illera, Alejandro & Maribel


Arango, Carlos & Escobar, Nivis (2009)
Castro, Sergio & Lina (2011)
Franco, Diana & Jaime (2009)
González, Angela & Juan Carlos (2010)
Gonzalez, Lucy & Estefania Londoño (2011)
Gonzalez, Lina & Castro Sergio (2011)
Hay, Jaqueline & Nayib
Jiménez, Aydee & Guillermo
Loaiza, Elizabeth & Joaquín
Orlando y Martha Cortés (2011)
Ortega, Diego Andres & Martha (2011)
Palacio, Catalina & Fernando (2009)
Ramirez, Gustavo & Diana
Rojas, Vicente & Betty (2010)
Sierra, Hildebrando & Liliana (2012)
Martínez, Tita (Agosto de 2012)

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