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Active Lifestyle Brand

Once considered niche products, fitness waters, rehydration drinks and other active lifestyle products now carry wide appeal. People of all types understand that what they put into their bodies has a huge effect on their health, their performance and even their outlook.

Who doesn't want to feel better, perform better and achieve more?

Developed under the NUTRILITE™ brand, to help make the most of your active lifestyle, this new and exciting product line covers three areas: Pre-Workout, During Workout and Post-Workout.

Each of the NUTRILITE premium products for an active lifestyle has been developed to encompass a broad range of activity levels, as many people do not consider themselves to be highly active or athletic people.

Even people who don't exercise as much as they should, can feel the benefits of using these performance products, which include: hydration, energy, protein and core nutrition.


  • NUTRILITE™ FITH2O™ Antioxidant Enhanced Drink Mix
  • NUTRILITE™ STRIVE+™ Isotonic Drink Mix