Waechter, Mike and Jana

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Mike & Jana Waechter
Mike and Jana.jpg
Pin: Diamond (2005)
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Markiewicz, Joe & Marybeth


Success Story

Mike & Jana Waechter achieved Sapphire in 98, Emerald in 2001, Founders Emerald in 2002, and had 5 legs over by 2004. In 2005 they broke 6 platinum legs and went Diamond ). Their immediate upline Double Diamonds are Joe & Marybeth Markiewicz. Mike worked for an insurance company called Allied and flew helicopters for the Army National Guard. Mike retired from Allied on Nov. 15, 2002. Mike's group had 1500+ at the 2006 Winters Spring Leadership conference. At the Markiewicz Fall Rally in Des, Moines, IA Waechter was quoted saying their income before the buisness was 40,000 a year, but for the single month of November 2006 their income was 210,000. They are affiliated with the LTD system.