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Move this here for discussion. IMO, it's wwwaayyyy to US centric and BFYTOS focussed. I've actually been working on a longer version, which is too long! --IBOFightback 12:49, 12 May 2008 (CDT)

Register ---> ReDirect ---> Refer

Amway/Quixtar is viral marketing at its best! You register with the company (usually at link title) then you redirect your shopping. You simply switch your traditional buying environment from "brick and mortar" to "click and order". There are three areas of shopping: 1. Partner stores. i.e. Barnes & Noble, Office Depot, Pacsun, etc. 2. Catalogs i.e. Home and More Calalog. This has over 500 brand name products to sell and is comparable to a service merchandise catalog. 3. Exclusives i.e. XS energy drinks, Nutrilite Vitamins, Artistry cosmetics and skin care, etc. Refer. Tell others about your experience and register them. The secret to this whole process is a monetary incentive called a Performance Bonus. This is based on the amount of business volume that goes through your business either via customers or other Independent Business Owners in your downline. This business volume is tracked through a process called Point Value or PV for short. The way Point Value works is that everything from Amway/Quixtar that is a product or service is assigned a point value. As products and services that are bought by yourself, customers, or downline accumulate points or PV as it is referred to; these points accumulate monthly and qualify you for a performance bonus check. In the beginning this is small. As little as $9; however, as your organization grows and more points are accumulated monthly through more business volume this performance bonus can grow to several thousands of dollars per month!