Schmidt, Bob & Joyce

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Bob & Joyce Schmidt
Bob and Joyce Schmidt.jpg
Pin: Crown Ambassador[1]
Markets: Canada

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Janz, Jim & Sharon

The Schmidts started their Amway business in 1974. From the start, they simply resolved to succeed. "We decided not to look back for one year," says Bob. "We knew the business worked for others, and we just decided we'd make it work for us, too. We also decided to show the business at least once a week, a policy we've continued to this day."

In February 1975, they qualified as Silver Producers, in April 1975, as Ruby Directs, in 1977, as Emeralds, Diamonds, and Double Diamonds, and in 1981, as Triple Diamonds, Crowns, and Crown Ambassadors. They now split their time between residences in Canada and Phoenix, Arizona.


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