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Barney & Keithel King
Pin: Triple Diamond[1]
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline:

Success Story

Keithel and her late Husband, Bob Schaubert, were dairy farmers and ranchers in North Dakota when they saw this business opportunity. “At the time we were looking for another way to make a living,” recalls Keithel , “as we were going financially backwards.” We were told that if we worked this business, the business would work. After only 2 ½ years we were in a six-figure income. It’s easy to work hard at something you have control of. We knew we were the owners and no one could steal our dream if we didn’t allow them to. The Business gave us financial freedom and many great years of memories. In 1997, Bob unexpectedly passed away and Keithel found herself in a place where her finances were secure but she needed time and rest to recover. With the help of her wonderful children and her Network 21 Family’s support she made it through a very tough time.

Four years later Keithel married a wonderful man named Barney King. Barney’s background is similar to Keithel’s, as he also grew up on a dairy farm in rural Mississippi. This is where Barney learned about overcoming obstacles with a tenacious work ethic. Just like Keithel, he knew he had to get off the farm to accomplish his dream of having a better life. Barney attended Tulane University in New Orleans on a Football Scholarship and graduated with a B.A. in Economics and minors in Education and Chemistry. Today he brings 30+ years of experience in teaching, training, consulting, coaching, mentoring and motivating others.

Keithel and Barney want to continue to be givers and teachers of the Network 21 system and they both have a burning desire to “continue to make a difference in other people’s lives.” Keithel and I are “motivated to helping others find a better way of life” says Barney. We have learned that life is one big interesting experience. There are the good ones and the bad ones, and we both have learned from them all. We learned that while the mountaintops don’t change ,the valleys always will. It’s through the valleys that the stories are told. Without the valleys there would be no stories. This Business is the greatest. It supplies the time, the money, and the friends and as you go through life, you will need all three.


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