Schaaf, Rudolf & Helene

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Rudolf & Helene Schaaf
Pin: Triple Diamond (2005)
Markets: Germany, Russia

Schwarz Organisation

LOS Upline: Barth, Gisela & Siegfried
Notes:Triple Diamond in Germany, Founders Diamond in Russia


Triple Diamond August 2005

nurse / electrician
Never give up! Who gives up, never wins!

We come from Tschirtschik, a small, but very beautiful city in Uzbekistan. In November 1987 we moved to Germany. Our life has always been exciting and we have always had the wish of achieving something in life. At that time we wanted to earn 300 DM to 400 DM and that was the reason to start with the Amway business.

Today both of us are working in the Amway business full-time. We are free and independent and enjoy the time we can spend with our two grownup children and grand-children. With pleasure we can look into the future, as we know that is our future is secured. This business has enabled us to make many dreams become true, even those, we had not dared to dream in the past.

The happiness is the only things that doubles when you share it. That is why we will never stop to share this great idea and unique chance with other people. Our goal is building the Crown Ambassador with many many diamonds. We have found thousands of friends in this business and we are very very proud of them.

Schaaf have frontline Diamonds:

Dobler, Lora & Alexander, 2008 Crown
Giebelhaus, Victor/Giebelhaus, Swetlana, 2005 Founders Diamond