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Suzanne Ledbetter
Pin: Double Diamond
Markets: United States

InterNET / TeamBuilders

LOS Upline: Ledbetter, Curtis & Virginia/Ledbetter, Rob & Katie
Website: http://www.myteambuilders.com
Notes:Co-Founders of TeamBuilders Lennon Ledbetter is no longer involved in Amway

TeamBuilders is founded by Double Diamonds Curtis & Virginia Ledbetter, and Suzanne Ledbetter. The Ledbetters work with Jody & Kathy Victor. Jody's father & mother, Joe & Helen Victor were one of the original founding members of the AWA Board. The Ledbetters helped create the largest deaf community of IBO's, and a one of the largest Spanish organizations in North America. The Ledbetters are outstanding role-models & are continually in the pursuit of helping others in & out of the business.

Leveraging Time

"We'll have to build this business with the little amount of time we have," Dr. Curtis Ledbetter declared, after seeing the TeamBuilders opportunity. What time? He was serving as a university professor, an evening instructor, a church councilman, a precinct chairman for a political party, a liaison officer for the U.S. Air Force Academy, a football official, a junior league football coach, and a chaplain of the Utah Air National Guard. Virginia was teaching elementary school and directing the church choir. Together they were supporting the varied activities of their children.

"Even with all the things we were doing," Dr. Ledbetter admits, "we were still broke. That's why the time leveraging principle appealed to me. As our business began to grow, we started giving more time to it, and within seven months we went Silver."

The Ledbetter Family

"I'm grateful Curtis was able to leverage his time through Private Franchising," states Virginia. "I don't know how long he could have kept up all those jobs. We're very thankful that there's no longer any need for him to try!" Katie adds, "As a lawyer Rob made a great income, but he was so busy at the office that we never had time to enjoy it!"

The Return on the Investment

Curtis sums it up, "Time leveraging is the key. Every minute that we put into building this business has come back to us in multiples." The entire family agrees. They'll tell you that their vision of TeamBuilders has expanded over the years. They now view TeamBuilders as the primary vehicle for financial growth and stability. "It is absolutely thrilling for Curtis and me, along with Suzanne to be working together so closely," exclaims Virginia. "We have been able to provide fabulous, secure lifestyles for our families. We've developed the freedom to pursue the truly important things in life. We thank God every day for bringing this opportunity to us."

A Winning Attitude

"Of course we faced many obstacles," remembers Suzanne. "But if you keep finding reasons why you might not succeed, then you won't. It's that simple."

Suzanne tuned out all the negatives and focused on the positives. Sharing such winning attitudes, coupled with her incredible work ethic, the Ledbetters have built a phenomenal team and enjoyed great success. They have a championship lifestyle. She is a full-time mom to her three children; she has the time to go places and build the business with Teambuilders. She has resources to make significant contributions to church and charities; she has beautiful dream homes ; and she takes vacations in Europe, Africa, Israel, Hawaii, the Caribbean, and at her lake home in Canada.

"It became even clearer to me how wonderful this business is," says Suzanne, "when we spent a spiritually uplifting vacation in Israel, where we walked some of the paths that Jesus walked. It was a time of reflection and gratitude. We knew we had become teachers and coaches, after all, because our team continued to grow while we were away!"

Suzanne has always believed they would succeed with their business, and they continue to set the pace for their team. "I can't even imagine life without this business," says Suzanne. "If you knew what we know, you'd do what we do!"