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Jim & Sharon Janz
Jim & Sharon Janz.jpg
Pin: Crown Ambassador
Markets: Canada

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Gordon & Laura Ross
Website: http://www.n21corp.com
Notes:Canada's first Crown Ambassadors

from http://www.iboai.com

"Let me at it!" That's how Jim Janz describes his reaction when he first heard about the opportunity. The same attitude drives him to continue building his business today, even though he has long since achieved the Crown Ambassador level.

Jim and his wife, Sharon, run one of the largest and most successful independent businesses from the Canadian port city of Vancouver. They were the first Distributors to achieve both Triple Diamond and Crown pin levels in the same month. When Sharon was 29 and Jim 30, they became Canada's first Crown Ambassadors. They were also one of the first independent businesses to develop a computerized ordering system.

from www.amwayprofiles.com (dead site)

Crown Ambassadors since 1978, Jim and Sharon Janz are still vigorously building their business. "We don't think the climate has ever been better for this business, and we want to take full advantage of it!" says Jim. Jim is a true optimist, simmering with energy and ideas. "I don't want to lolligag life away. I'd only stop working if I was doing something I didn't like, but this business is just too much fun!" says Jim.

Jim joined the Amway business at the age of 22 while teaching school at the junior high level. "The motivation was simple, the opportunity to achieve our financial goals and dreams." Though there were some initial set backs, Jim believed in the business and its potential. Jim and Sharon hold a unique place in Amway history. They were the first to achieve both Triple Diamond and Crown Direct simultaneously. And they also were the first to achieve Crown Ambassador in Canada and the second ones in the world.

They started their business in a very small basement apartment and a $214 a month teacher's salary. Jim reflects, "We had very few products and it took several weeks to get them. The first meeting we ever attended was our own. We didn't see a Direct Distributor until we were in the business for 5 months. We basically had to develop the growth of our business all on our own."

Sharon adds; "My greatest challenge was thinking I had to be like Jim; inspiring, motivational, and full of energy. But I found I could be myself, contribute in my own way. Married couples in this business are like a lock and key. Each has different attributes that help them become successful.

"When our four children were growing up, this business provided the scheduling control for us to take off school vacations from teaching and much of the summer and spend it with them. The hard work does pay off!." Now with their children grown, Jim and Sharon devote themselves with renewed vigor to this business. And the timing couldn't be better. Jim says, "Building our business has never been easier. We see technology aiding us every step of the way. And it is the perfect business for the 90's and beyond. People from all walks of life are seeing the need and how this business can fulfill them."

In October 2006, Jim was elected Chair of the IBOAI and guided it through a transformative year in 2007. In the fall of 2007, at the end of his term, Jim accepted an appointment to the IBOAI Governance and Oversight Committee.