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Howie & Theresa Danzik
Pin: Founders Executive Diamond 2003
Markets: United States


LOS Upline: Terry & Linda Felber /
Matt & Sandee Tsuruda
Website: http://danzik.wwdb.biz
Notes:Reportedly the first Diamonds in the business to be married after qualifying Diamond separately.

Howie & Theresa Danzik are Founders Executive Diamonds based in Colorado. Prior to the busines, Howie was a sports physical therapist in Colorado and Theresa was an insurance agent in Hawaii. They both qualified Diamond separately prior to being married, having met at a business conference sponsored by Amway.

Howie qualified Diamond in 1995 while married to his first wife, Susan. They divorced not long after qualifying. Theresa qualified Diamond in 1994 as Theresa Tsuruda. After marrying, they continued to build Howie's business, qualifying Executive Diamond in 1999 and Founders Executive Diamond in 2003. Theresa reportedly continues to maintain her Diamond business, but their focus is on Howie's business.

In terms of LOS, Howie is part of Terry Felber's organization and Theresa was personally sponsored by her brother, Executive Diamond Matt Tsuruda.

In 2007 Howie Danzik was elected a Board Member of the IBOAI for the period from January 1, 2008, until December 31, 2010.[1]

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