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Peter & Debbie Cox
Peter Debbie Cox.jpg
Pin: Founders Crown Ambassador - 2008
Markets: Australia

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline: Angie Somers

Downline Diamond

Success Story (Australia)

from Amway Australia Because Magazine, March 2007

Peter and Debbie Cox have emerged after 19 years to become the first couple in Australia to ever achieve four pin levels in one year.

“We aren’t your normal Crown Ambassadors,” Peter Cox says as he casually finishes his coffee at Bobbin Head Marina Café. Sporting a slicked back mullet, shorts and thongs, and speaking in a laid-back fashion, there is nothing in his physical appearance or manner that would hint at the fact that he and his wife Debbie have just made AMWAY® history. In one year, the couple defied all reason and qualified for four pin levels – Founders Double Diamond, Triple, Crown and Crown Ambassador – in just 12 months in the one Amway fiscal year. “That was the drive for us, that it hadn’t been done before and it was a three year focus. That’s what we feel proud about and without the global vision of Jim and Nancy Dornan and a committed and loyal global leadership team behind us, Crown Ambassador in 2006 would not have happened,” says Peter.

A short walk from where he sits, Debbie and their two sons, Dane (13) and Jarrod (11), relax on the family’s new Mustang 4600 Sports Cruiser, which they have aptly called Dreamer II. It was a reward they bought themselves once they qualified as New Crown Ambassadors. Debbie’s passion is boating which allows quality family time and nurtures leadership skills in a tranquil environment. They also celebrated by purchasing a new 2007 model Mercedes CLS 63 AMG.

Dreaming big was the only way this couple could have emerged from their somewhat chequered past. As a teenager growing up in New Zealand, Debbie was struggling with teenage issues and hanging around the wrong people. She was 15 when she reached the lowest point of her life. In her book, The Ideal Life: My Journey, she admits that these times were a turning point in her life. She could see that her life was either going to continue spiralling downwards, or she could take control. She decided to do the latter. So, it was at this young age that Debbie became independent and started to show glimpses of her strength of resolve and perseverance that would eventually lead her and Peter to becoming Crown Ambassadors.

Even when Peter and Debbie got together after a chance encounter on Great Keppel Island in 1985, their lives were still rocky. Peter says frankly of their pre-AMWAY lives: “We had $11 in the bank. I was a marketing manager and Debbie was a sales executive and we looked good on the outside. But we were broke. We spent more than we earned. We were very dysfunctional and going nowhere.”

They were sponsored into the AMWAY business by Angie Somers in October 1988 after Debbie bumped into an old work colleague who shared the business plan with her. Debbie immediately saw that it was the vehicle that would help them achieve the financial freedom they wanted. For three years the couple worked extremely hard to build their business; they both had full-time jobs during the day, so they showed the business plan at night. They repeated this same routine until they were both at a stage where they could retire from their full-time jobs, Debbie after 18 months and Peter after three years.

Peter Debbie Cox 2.jpg
While many people would have been content stopping there, the couple continued working hard on their business. Peter says that they

showed the sales and marketing plan 30 to 40 times per month to Diamond and still continue to build the business which is their lifestyle. Peter and Debbie have also travelled the world to build their business that now exists in 26 different countries. Even at Crown Ambassador level Peter and Debbie are still focused and setting new goals. Peter says, “The only way to develop relationships and earn trust is one-on-one, but at the same time people have to allow themselves to be led and teachable.”

As their business thrives, their family life is also benefiting. Their financial position has allowed them to leverage all the mundane tasks that they would rather not be doing. Hence they have a chef, nanny, housekeeper, and gardeners. This has left them with lots of quality time to spend with their children – freedom is what drives Peter and Debbie. Their two boys Dane and Jarrod have been really inspired by their parents’ achievements. Dane trains six times a week focusing on his dream to become a professional soccer player, and Jarrod is passionate for soccer but is also a keen rugby league player.

The business has given them time to pursue other passions which include raising money for charities, developing leadership with elite athletes and collating thoughts to write more books in the future. They also draw on their own marriage experience to help troubled couples. They have had great success with the couples they have worked with so far and this success can probably be attributed to their honesty and by the simple fact that they survived their own turbulent relationship. Peter and Debbie now have a stronger relationship than ever before. They even had a mosaic built in their backyard to illustrate their love story, “This Is No Ordinary Love”.

The last 19 years of their business have helped the couple grow and change for the better. And, it is something they will continue to do. Peter says, “We don’t want to be the same people this time next year. We have to continually grow, change and challenge ourselves to be the best couple, parents, friends and leaders we can be.”

“The Dream Is Everything”


Gift from Jim & Nancy Dornan

When Peter & Debbie qualified Crown Ambassador Jim & Nancy Dornan sent a photographer from the US to Australia by the name of Jerome Spivey. This is a small collection of the 7500 images taken.

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