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Trevor & Jo Chatham
Pin: Executive Diamond - 1991
Markets: Australia


LOS Upline: Avelsgaard, Tom & Caryn

Victorians Trevor & Jo Chatham started in Amway in August 1985 as part of the Avelsgaard LOS. In 1987 they reached Diamond, then achieved EDC in 1991. They divorced in the late 1990s and Trevor married Jacqui. They divorced in 2005/6 and Trevor married Linda.

Downline Diamonds

Disputes & Controversies

Trevor Chatham reportedly became involved with another MLM, Omegatrend, and in July 2006, Trevor's distributorship was terminated by Amway for unauthorised business practices. By 2008 he was promoting MonaVie.

Amway Australia has sued Trevor Chatham for defamation and in 2006 he was ordered to stop publicly disparaging Amway[1]. In 2008 he was found guilty of violating this court order.[2]


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