Barone, B.J. & Lucia

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B.J. & Lucia Barone
Pin: Diamond
Markets: United States

Network TwentyOne

LOS Upline:

"We didn’t know of anyone already successful in this business who wanted to become a dentist."

B.J. and Lucia Barone married at age 22. Lucia was a teacher with an intense desire to become a full-time mom. B.J. had a degree in biology and was in his first year of dental school, carrying a heavy class load. "We wanted to find something we could handle with our family situation and my schedule. This business proved to be it. We have met professionals who had spent years in training, built their practices and then reached ‘burnout.’ We didn’t want to do that. We know plenty of dentists who wanted to be successful in this business, but never a successful person here who wanted to be a dentist." B.J. later built a real estate company, opening 12 offices. “We’ve owned several businesses along the way but never found any that compares to this opportunity. The Barones support several children in third-world countries and Lucia is a counselor for a local pro-life crisis pregnancy center. Building the business is especially rewarding, she says, “because the principles of success and positive self-image are equally vital in developing happy, confident children.”